Tuesday, May 10

We've Moved!

Hello, if you happen to be searching for nicranium look no further and head over to our new wordpress location: www.nicranium.wordpress.com

See you there!

Thursday, July 29

Summer Breeze

Dearest readers. Oh how I've missed you! Where have I been all summer? Above is a little sample taste (these were picked straight out of my garden!) I am working on reconstructing/revamping this blog, and as I have many other commitments it will be a slower process. Bear with me. The final product will be significantly better. Cheers!

Sunday, April 18

Leather and Lace

Jeans - J Brand, Belt - Vintage, Lace Tee - ooyoo
White Tank - Mendocino, Vest - Line

Yesterday I faced a new predicament...how to make a quick transition from day to night without looking too formal during the daytime. The solution? Why the beginnings of an updo paired with more casual clothing of course! While I am no hair expert (my friends will all attest to this), this look was pretty simple to create and the only thing you have to do for nighttime is add a few more pins!

Here's how you do it:
- Use a flatiron to create "kinky curls" by grabbing random 1-2" sections of hair and twisting them in a circle around the body.
- Tie hair in a loose ponytail, leaving some shorter strands out at the front.
- Use pins to secure any loose hairs at the sides and top.
For Night:
- Cover ponytail elastic with hair by wrapping strands around to form a bun. Pin any more loose pieces (such as the front strands) for a more formal look. The overall effect is a tousled up-do.

I am confident that all of you readers will be able to create this look...it's a nice change from your standard pony! Best of luck. :)

Friday, April 16

Two's a Pair

While I am quite busy amidst final exam pressures, I had the wonderful pleasure the other night of *finally* seeing Tim Burton's rendition of "Alice in Wonderland". I must admit that I was quite skeptical initially (it is my favourite children's story after all), but I was quite pleased with the results! Tim Burton and the entire crew did a great job at bringing one of my greatest childhood pleasures back to life. The film itself was thoroughly entertaining, the effects were well done, and the acting was splendid (for the most part anyway). I also fell madly in love with Tweedle Dee and Dum who are just too cute for words. Glad I finally jumped on the bandwagon!

Saturday, April 3


I just purchased a brand new pair of platform pumps today which I cannot get over. There are only three initials which can adequately express how I feel about these...OMG!

Thursday, April 1

C'est un Chaise!

Beret - Dynamite, Men's Jacket - England,
Blouse - Danier, Vest - Zara, Bracelets - H&M,
Jeans - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - B2

One of the funny things about living in a Canadian city is that as soon as warm weather hits people get a little confused. Today I witnessed a strange mixture of street style ranging from summer dresses with flip flops to winter coats and boots. The transition is never easy but my personal philosophy is layering. If it's too hot take off a layer, if you get chilly again you can always throw it back on. I also haven't worn coloured lipstick in a while so thought I'd try that out again. I find a red hued lip is always very empowering. Whatever your warm weather philosophy is, I hope you're all enjoying the sun!

Saturday, March 27

A Horror-ific Night

Faux Fur Coat - H&M, Leather Leggings - Aritzia,
Dress - American Eagle, Beaded Vest - Zara,
Beret - Urban Outfitters, Gloves - Lavish and Squalor

Last night I went to one of my personal "must-see" shows, 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. For those of you who aren't familiar with the production, it was initially a musical that was turned into a film which is now played and performed worldwide to a mass cult following. The show itself pushes gender boundaries, and while out of the "conventional norm", is thoroughly entertaining (especially for only nine dollars a pop)! While my friend and myself didn't quite fit in with the crowd of frequent viewers (who often yelled rehearsed bits at the actors and screen, and threw various props throughout the audience), we tried our hardest by donning faux fur ensembles and sky-high heels. Whatever the occasion, I think the outfit was a success. Can't wait to explore more of the city!